Record Details Panel

You can view all the details of a specific record in your dataset in the record details panel. 

To open the detail panel, simply click on the record in the map view, scatter-plot view, time-series view, or click the (i) icon on the list view.

Editing visible attributes and order

To change the visible attributes and their order:

  1. Enable the “Adjust” mode option (in the lower-left corner of the dashboard)
  2. Click the (☰) icon next to the attribute name, and
  3. Select among the following options:
    • Remove the selected attribute,
    • Move it up or down on the list, or
    • Add an attribute below it.

Filtering out the selected record

  • Click the filter icon on upper-left corner to filter out (remove) the specific record from the dashboard analytics.

Specializations for Time-series attributes

Keshif groups all the time-series attributes together when showing the record details.

Based on the selected time, Keshif will reveal:

  • The measured value,
  • Change (vs. previous time), and
  • Ranking among all the records.

You can select a specific time-key (such as year) to focus on values at that specific time. To change this selection, use the dropdown option above the time-series attributes, or click on a dot in one of the timeline charts.

Keshif also auto-aligns time-keys across all time-series attributes, so the time chart trends can be easily compared to each other. For example, in the video above, not all parties had votes in both 2013 and 2017 elections, and for such parties, only one data-point is shown as a dot on the correct year position.

Other features

  • The (i) icon next to the attribute name displays the description of an attribute on mouse-over.

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