Changing category labels

To change the category labels,

  1. Switch to "Adjust" dashboard mode,
  2. Mouse-over a categorical label,
  3. Click on the label, and
  4. Update the text.


To remove the custom label / to reset to original data label:

  1. Switch to "Adjust" dashboard mode,
  2. Shift+Click on the label.


In some datasets, the data source may identify codings in place of full categorical values. For example, type of location of an event database can be coded as "R" in place of "Road", "H" in place of "Home", and "OC" in place of "Office". When you import such a dataset and add "Type of Location" into a dashboard, Keshif will not know about such a "codebook" at first and display the row codes instead.


  • The edited labels are used across the dashboard automatically, including record detail informations.