Using on-hover mouse select modes in a time-series chart

Time-series charts in Keshif offer two mouse interaction modes: Nearest Record, and Nearest Time-Key.

Nearest Record

  • In this mode, the closest record to the mouse is highlighted, the other records are dimmed, and a tooltip shows the record data on closest point.
  • This mode is useful to identify individual record and their path over time.

Nearest Time Key

  • In this mode, the closest time-key is selected, and multiple tooltips reveal record values on the closest time-key. The tooltip automatically responds to the active time-series plot type, showing direct values, ranking, %-change or #-change as appropriate.
  • This mode is useful to very quickly review data for a specific time key (such as year).

To select the mouse modes in a time series chart,

  1. Open the chart configuration panel, and
  2. Select Nearest Record or Nearest time key option.

Special Features

  • With nearest time key mode, the tooltips show only the record names, and the tooltips are shown on both left and right sides of the line to maximize the number of visible information without overlaps across tooltips.