Using mouse select modes in a time-series chart

Time-series charts in Keshif offer two mouse interaction modes: Nearest Record, and Nearest Time-Key.

Nearest Record

  • In this mode, the closest record to the mouse is highlighted, other records are dimmed, and a pop-up shows additional data.
  • This mode is useful to identify individual records and their path over time.

Nearest Time Key

  • In this mode, the closest time-key is selected and multiple pop-ups reveal record values for that time-key. The pop-up automatically responds to the active time-series plot type, showing direct values, ranking, %-change or #-change as appropriate.
  • This mode is useful to very quickly review data for a specific time key (such as year).

To select the mouse modes in a time series chart,

  1. Open the record chart configuration panel (⚙icon), and
  2. Select Nearest Record or Nearest Time-Keyfor the Mouse Select option.

Special Features

  • With the nearest time-key mode, the pop-ups show on both left and right sides of the line to maximize the  visible information without overlap.