Exploring Data with Live Selections - Basics

Keshif helps you explore and understand your data by enabling your interactive data dialogue.

Selecting different parts of your data is one of the most useful interactions, revealing new trends, outliers, and insights.

Data selections are easy, rich, and effective in Keshif. You no longer need to create and maintain separate filters. Keshif keeps everything fully synchronized, so you would never miss a trend, and never get confused by old, out-of-sync dashboards.

Let's look at three key selections in Keshif.

1) Rapid Highlighting

With rapid highlighting, Keshif follows your cursor, instantaneously selects the data under the cursor, and reveals trends of selected data across all the dashboard with a bright orange color. You will get quick answers by a single mouse move, and discover unexpected trends as you can effortlessly explore many parts of your data.

You can also highlight an individual record by mouse-over. In each chart, you can then spot where the selected record fits among all the data.

2) Filtering

You can filter your data to zoom into it and explore further.

With a single mouse click, you can easily filter on any category, numeric range, time range, or even region.

You won't get lost as you explore deeper, since the top panel shows all your selections.

3) Side-by-Side Comparison

You can compare different record groups in Keshif with just a single click.

After you highlight your data, a lock icon appears. When clicked, Keshif locks this selection with a new color.

You can then compare it by moving the mouse to other parts of data with instant highlighting, or even compare multiple locked selections side-by-side.

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