Using the attribute panel

The attribute panel includes an organized list of all data attributes, also called variables, columns, or features, in a dataset.

  • The attribute panel is available only in Author dashboard mode.
  • Using the attribute list, you can add add new charts into the dashboard. 
  • The attributes that have aggregate charts in the dashboard are highlighted with a gray background gradient in the attribute list.
  • The attribute panel also allows adjusting core settings of the attributes, accessible using the three dots [] next to each attribute.

Searching attributes

To search among attributes in a dataset,

  • Use the data type filters.
    • Options include Categorical, Numeric, Timestamp, Time-series, Geographic (Categorical or by-Record), Multi-Categorical, and ID types.
  • Use the text search.
    • To open/close the text search, click the search icon on top of the attribute panel.
  • If there are attribute hierarchies, some of the attributes exist on different levels. You can access attribute hierarchies using the arrow icons on the left.

To open or close all of the variable hierarchies,

  1. Open the configuration panel (the settings icon) in the attribute list, and 
  2. Select Collapse all or Expand all option.