Using the attribute panel

The attribute panel includes an organized list of all data attributes (variables/ columns) in a dataset.

It allows adding new charts into the dashboard using the attribute list. The attributes that are inserted into the dashboard as individual aggregate charts are highlighted with a background gradient. It also allows adjusting core options for the attributes.

The attribute panel is available only in Author dashboard mode.

Searching attributes

To search among attributes in a dataset,

  • Use the data type filters.
    • Options include Categorical, Numeric, Timestamp, Time-series, Geographic (Categorical or per-Record), Multi-Categorical, and Id types.
  • Use the text search.
    • To open/close the text search, click the search icon on top of the attribute panel.
  • Navigate attribute hierarchies using the arrow icons.


To open or close all of the variable hierarchies,

  1. Open the configuration panel, and 
  2. Select Collapse all or Expand all option