Technical requirements

Supported Web Browsers

Keshif uses modern and advanced web technologies, and requires a modern web browser to run correctly. The minimum requirements for major browsers are:

  • Google Chrome - version 55, released on December 2016
  • Safari (Apple) - version 11, released on September 2017
  • Mozilla Firefox - version 52, released on March 2017
  • Microsoft Edge - version 16, released on October 2017

Keshif utilizes modern web standards such as fetch function, proxy objects, promises, async functions, css variables, advanced grid layouts, and more. We only use features that have been available in the last three years for stable release versions across all major desktop browsers.

We highly recommend using the most recent browser versions when possible. Old browsers include security issues that can allow web-based hacking and attacking exploits. In addition, different browser versions may have different behaviors and performance characteristics.

If you encounter any issues with browser versions noted above, please let us know the operating system, browser, and the dataset you're using that's causing the undesired behavior. We will review and respond shortly.

About Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has reached the end of its lifecycle, and is not a safe browser. We support the new Microsoft Edge instead.

  • Since January 14, 2020, Microsoft no longer provides security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7, including Internet Explorer 11. The Microsoft team published an article called The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser. "Microsoft has warned that using Internet Explorer is downright dangerous and the company goes so far as to no longer even describe it as a web browser", via Forbes.
  • Microsoft has released an updated Microsoft Edge browser in 2019, making it available on a wider range of platforms and features in-line with Chrome's underlying technology. This also makes the Edge browser available in older operating systems (Windows 7 and 8). Please use this new browser on these operating systems wherever possible.

Supported Devices

Keshif is currently optimized for desktop and laptop computers

We believe interactive, rapid data exploration is best on computers like these. You'll still be able to see and interact with Keshif dashboards on mobile or tablet devices, but we recommend larger screens for daily use. Keshif is not optimized for touch-screen interaction.