Resolving chart display issues

There is a known issue that prevents displaying charts when browser zoom level is not 100% on certain web browsers, operating systems, and device/screen manufacturers with different pixel densities. 

Below are two examples, captured on a Chrome browser v80 running on MacOS v10.14, on MacBook Pro retina display. Zoom levels are 110% for top image, and 80% for bottom image. If you observe similar unwanted artifacts, please refer to the potential resolutions noted below.

Resolving the Issue

Keshif aims to automatically detect when browser zoom level is not 100%, and warns you if the current settings may affect the quality of charts. Our automated fix is available with this warning window, and it can resolve many cases we detected on our tests.

When you apply the fix, Keshif adjusts its own dashboard zoom level and reloads the page. 

The setting is saved on your browser, so that when you load the dashboards in the future, it's auto adjusted again without prompts.

Note: Due to the inconsistencies across different browsers, operating systems and device settings, which prevents a standard solution that works across all cases, Keshif may not be able to auto-detect, or auto-fix all potential situations.

If the adjustment does not resolve your issue, you can remove it by clicking the "reset zoom level" icon on the corner of the dashboard. This icon is displayed only when the zoom level adjustment is active.

Instructions for manually changing zoom levels on your browser

If you continue experiencing issues, please let us know, along with your browser (with version), operating system, and the device type information