Using Print dashboard mode: Capturing chart images

Print dashboard mode generates a print/capture ready version of the active Keshif dashboard.

Keshif automatically optimizes the display to remove parts of the interface that does not contribute to an effective print screen, such as time-select options, sorting select options, configuration buttons, and other similar UI elements that help with data exploration and dashboard authoring. Exploration features such as dynamic data selections are disabled as well.

To enable print mode,

  • Click Print on the bottom-left of the dashboard.

To exit print mode,

  • Select one of the other dashboard modes on the bottom-left of the dashboard.
    • Mode buttons are hidden from image captures. They become visible with mouse-over on the footer.

Special Features

  • Print to PDF: You can choose to export the complete webpage to a PDF with the same print-optimized layout.
    • Using the PDF export, you can also modify individual graphics components, such as size, color, etc. or export charts to SVG by using various PDF editing tools.

To export images from Keshif, you can utilize a screen-capture tool of your operating system, or use the web browser features and extensions.

Quick Screen-Capture On Mac OS

Using the keyboard shortcut is the simplest way to capture a specific region/chart on a webpage.

Press Shift-Command (⌘)-4 on your keyboard. The cursor will change into crosshair. You can click and drag to identify the screen capture area.  The screenshot is automatically saved to your desktop. For more information:

Screen-Capture on Windows

You can find the tools and keyboard shortcuts in official Microsoft help pages here.

Windows Edge also has capture and annotation tools. Read the official description here, and an unofficial blog post here.

Screen-Capture on Chrome Browser

To capture the full dashboard:
  • Open developer console
    • Click View -> Developer -> Developer Tools,
    • Use Option + Command + I in MacOS, or
    • Use F12 or Control+Shift+I in Windows/Linux.
  • Open Command Menu 
    • Cmd + Shift + P in MacOS, or
    • Control+Shift+P in Windows/Linux
  • Type "screenshot" for searching the commands
  • Select "Capture full size screenshot" or "Capture screenshot". 
  • This will download an image of the full current Keshif website. Read more about this approach here.
Using a Chrome Extension

We have tested the open-source Screenshot Extension found here. We can recommend using this extension for its convenience and annotation features.

Screen-Capture on Firefox Browser

  • Open Web Developer tools
  • Open Settings tab
  • Click the option to enable "Take a screenshot of the entire page"
  • Firefox will add a camera icon to the developer toolbar letting you capture screenshots with one-click. (Info).

For more details, please see