Using the record details window

The record details pop-up panel shows all the data in a selected record from the record chart.

It is designed as a pop-up window on top of the dashboard, helping to bring focus to a single record of data when needed.

Viewing record details

To view the record details in the popup panel,

  • Click on a record in a record chart.

    The clickable area depends on the record chart type.
    • A list item in list display,
    • A region or point in a map,
    • A point in a scatterplot,
    • A line in a time-series chart.

Closing the record details panel

To close the record details panel and return to the dashboard,

  • Click on the [ x ] icon on the upper-right corner of the panel.
  • Click outside the panel on the tinted background area.

Changing the selected record in the record detail panel

To navigate to a different record from within this panel,

  1. Click the record header to see a list of records, and
  2. Select the desired record.

Special Features

  • The text shown on the header and the dropdown box area is the ID attribute attribute of the dataset.
  • This navigation option is disabled if your dataset has more than 2500 records, as navigating such a volume of data item by item is not optimal.

Selecting a focused time point in record details

The record detail window automatically organizes all the time-series data into a visually optimized layout. 

This extended visualization includes interactive sparklines, as well as ability to select a specific time point (such as year) and seeing the values, ranking, and change vs. previous time point.

To select a different focus time:

  • Click on the time point, and select another option.
  • Click the previous (◀) or next (▶) icons on the sides of the active time point to advance by a single point.
  • Click on a point directly on the time line chart.