Using the record details window

The record details popup window shows all the data in a selected record.

It is designed as a popup screen on top of the dashboard, helping bring focus to a single record of data when needed.

Viewing record details

To view the record details in the popup window,

  • Click on a record in a record chart.

    The record is shown as,
    • A list item in list display,
    • A location in a map,
    • A point in a scatterplot,
    • A line in a time-series chart.


Closing the record details window 

To close the record details window,

  • Click on the x icon on the upper-right corner of the window,
  • Click outside the window on the tinted background area.

Switching selected record in detail window

To select a different record

  1. Click the record window header to see a list of records, and
  2. Select the desired record.


  • The text shown on the header and the dropdown boxes area is based on the record ID attribute.

Selecting focused time point in record details

The record detail window automatically organizes all the time-series data into a visually optimized layout. 

This extended visualization includes interactive sparklines, as well as ability to select a specific time point (such as year) and seeing the values, ranking, change vs. previous time key, and more.

To select a different focus time:

  • Click on the time option, and select a new option
  • Click next/previous buttons on the sides of the active time.