Selecting record listing type: List / Grid

Keshif's record list chart type support two view types:

  • List view type shows records a simple list, from top to bottom. This view includes separate columns for ranking, sorting value, sorting bar charts, and sparklines.
  • Grid view type shows records as individual boxes containing all visualizations in a more compact way. This view type can show multiple records in a single row, in contrast to the list type. The layout of this view (number of records per row) is dynamically adjusted based on the width of the record chart. 

To select the record listing type,

  1. Open the record chart configuration panel (⚙icon), and
  2. Select List or Grid , under List Type option.

Special Features

  • Keshif automatically adjusts the design of record visualizations based on the view type to create an optimum data viewing experience, such as by automatically setting record bar and sparkline visualizations to the grid size when viewing in Grid mode.