Importing Your Data

Your data is only a few clicks away from exploration! You can easily make your data at Google Sheets, Google Drive (csv files), or Data.World explorable by importing it to Keshif at

  1. Select your data source type,
  2. Browse and select your dataset, and
  3. Click "Explore". That's all!

Importing Data from Google Sheets

You can browse Google Sheets on your account, paste a Google Sheet link, or select one of our sample public datasets. If selected document has multiple sheets, you can choose the specific data sheet to import.

Note: Keshif connects to one sheet (table), but you can merge multiple sheets as a data preparation step. Please contact us for guidance.

Importing Data from Google Drive files

Browse your files, and select the CSV file you'd like to import. 

Note: We are planning to extend support to other file formats, such as JSON. Please contact us for details.

Importing Data from Data.World

Please see our integration page.

Other Data Sources

We are working on adding new cloud-based data importers. Customized Keshif deployments can connect to wherever your data is, on the cloud or on-premises. Please contact us to boost your data analysis and exploration workflow!

Dataset Privacy

When you select a dataset, Keshif shows the privacy of the selected dataset. 

Public Datasets: You can import public datasets from Google Sheet with our free Piri Reis plan. If you create visible dashboards, they can be viewed by the public.

Private Datasets: With our Magellan plan, you can import and view private datasets and dashboards, based on your data access permissions.

Learn more about Keshif plans, and managing Google dataset privacy.

Data Preview

Once you select a specific dataset, you can preview its first few rows, to see and confirm the data structure and content. From this preview window, all you need to do to finalize your data import is to click :

Note: If you have imported the same dataset before, you will continue your exploration from the last dashboard. This makes it easier to manage your data in one place!