Importing Your Data

Importing your data to Keshif is only a few clicks!

You can currently import your data to Keshif from Google Sheets and Google Drive (csv files) to your online Keshif profile at

When you select a data source type, Keshif lists all the datasets in that source. Next, you can select the specific sheet/file you want to explore.

Import settings for Google Sheets

Import settings for Google Drive

Note: Only CSV files in your drive are listed.

Import Settings

The data privacy is shown next to the sheet/file name. /

You can learn more about  how to manage your dataset privacy.

The link to the dataset you selected is also shown in full. You can open the link (Sheet or File) by clicking the right popup icon.

You can import sources that are not in your profile by pasting the link directly. Note that you still need to have access to the dataset (i.e. dataset is publicly accessible, or shared with your account).

You can import public datasets with Piri Reis (Free) plan. To be able to import and view private datasets, you can subscribe to Magellan plan.  Learn more about Keshif plans.

Preview Table

Once you select a specific dataset, Keshif will pre-load the data, and show a preview table.

This allows you to see and confirm the structure of your data.

From this preview window, all you need to do to finalize your data import is to click :

Note: Importing Other Data Sources

We are working on adding new data importers from the cloud! You can also have Keshif connect to your private in-house datasets with a customized deployment. Please contact us to tell where your data is, and we'll make it explorable for you!

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