Plans & Payments Information

Keshif offers two plans for the online, self-service platform. Your can see and manage your active plan at your account page. 

Piri Reis Plan

With Piri Reis plan, you can import public datasets, share-save-collaborate with public dashboards and save private dashboards. 

*Piri Reis is one of the first admirals / cartographers who created a world map.

Magellan Plan

The Magellan plan subscription enables you to:

  • Import private datasets
  • View dashboards from private datasets
  • Import data from a wider range of connectors ,
  • Embed dashboards on external website.

14-Day Trial

When you start your Magellan plan, you can use Magellan-plan features during  free 14-day trial.

Annual Subscription

The annual subscription option offers better pricing (2 months free) and one-time transaction for one year. Simply select the annual option when you upgrade.

Multi-Seat Subscriptions

We offer multi-seat subscriptions to make it easy to manage accounting for organizations and teams. Once you purchase additional seats, you can review, add, and remove seats by account email addresses. Seat can be assigned to existing Keshif accounts (emails), so please ask your team members to sign-in to Keshif before assigning them seats. Also, you cannot assign seats while on trial.

Billing Information

You can enter your billing information at At the end of your trial period, your payment method will be charged. If payment method is missing, or if payment fails, your account be downgraded.

Questions & Answers

Managing Multiple Seats and Upgrades

Can I upgrade from monthly to annual subscription?

Yes! Your annual subscription period will start on the date you upgrade. We will apply unused portion of your monthly subscription as pro-rated credit. You can review the updated pricing before confirming the upgrade.

How can I share data within my organization / assigned seats?

Assigning seats do not define data sharing policies. Seas are used for accounting purposes and applying subscriptions to team members. See  data privacy and sharing help for details.

What happens if I am assigned a subscription seat?
Simply, you can use all Magellan features, and forget about the billing:) Your subscription period will show the assigned subscription period for your account. You do not need to provide any billing information. Also, you cannot cancel or change your subscription.
I need more users on my team. Can I increase the number of seats after I start a multi-seat subscription?

Yes! When you need to add more of your team members to your subscription, you can visit your Account setting, click “add more seats”, and tell us how many more seats you need. The new seats will have the same subscription duration as your active subscription. You will be get a pro-rated charge for the new seats to cover the remaining duration of your active subscription. We’ll also let you preview and confirm the charge for the new seats.

Credit Card information and Security

Do I need to enter credit card info to explore my data with Keshif?
Nope! Just sign-in, and continue on our Piri Reis plan to explore public datasets.
Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept payments from all major debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover). You can also contact us at for payments through bank transfer.

Is my credit card information secure?

Our payment-related services are provided by  Stripe, which is regarded as one of the most reliable payment processors in the industry. Keshif does not have access to any of your payment method information, such as credit card number. This information is recorded securely by Stripe. Stripe forces HTTPS for all services and all card numbers are encrypted with AES-256. If you have any additional questions, please visit Stripe's security page to read more about their security.

Is my data secure and private? What information do you keep? 
Your data security and privacy is important to us! Check out our  security and  privacy pages for more information.
How can I change my payment method?

You can change your payment method any time at When you submit a new payment method, your previous method will be replaced with the new one.


Can I change my plan or unsubscribe at any time?

Of course! You can upgrade or downgrade your account anytime.  If you downgrade from your Magellan subscription, your subscription will continue until the end of the active subscription period.

To delete your Keshif account, please contact us. You can also disconnect Keshif authentication from third party services that you used to import your data to Keshif. For example, to disconnect Keshif app from your Google account, you can visit .

How can I get a refund?

If you're not satisfied for any reason within 30 days, you get a full refund. However, we cannot issue refunds or credits for partial use of your monthly subscription plan after 30 days.