General FAQ

Q: Can I import data from other / custom data sources?

In addition to our automatic Google Sheet/Google Drive (CSV) importer, Keshif can load data from any structured datasource, such as other cloud services or in-house databases. Contact us to share where your data lives, so we can find a way to connect to it seamlessly, either on the cloud, or on the premises!

Q: Can I import big datasets to Keshif?

Keshif can support around 200,000 records (rows) from a data source currently. There's no hard limit. Overall, the more rows (and columns) you have, the performance might be impacted depending on your machine configuration. All data is loaded on page load, so dashboards built from large datasets will take a longer time to load as well.

Q: Does Keshif run on mobile and tablet devices?

Keshif is currently optimized for desktop computers. We believe interactive, rapid data exploration is best on desktop and laptop computers. You'll still be able to see and interact with Keshif dashboards on mobile or tablet devices, but we recommend larger screens for daily use.

Q: I have multiple Google accounts. How can I use Keshif from multiple accounts?

Your Keshif account is linked to a single Google account (email), including your plan, subscription, datasets you import and dashboards you create. In other words, multiple Google accounts (emails) will each require its own Keshif account.

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