General FAQ

Q: Can I import data from other / custom data sources?

Keshif can create exploratory charts and dashboards from any well-structured structured data-source or database, such as other cloud services or in-house databases. Contact us to share where your data lives, so we can find a way to connect to it seamlessly, either on the cloud, or on the premises!

Q: Can I import big datasets to Keshif?

Keshif can support around 200,000 records (rows) from a data source currently. However, this is no hard limit. As the data includes more rows (and columns), the performance will depend on the computer configuration. Dashboards on large datasets will take longer time to load, as full data is loaded on page load.

Q: Can I use multiple datasets in a Keshif dashboard?

The power of Keshif comes from being able to sync all your interaction and selections, and it requires having a single data table that can be viewed in sync. 

If you have multiple and related tables, you can prepare your data table to merge/blend in data from other tables. Please contact us for guidance to share your situation, and we'll be happy to be of service.

Q: I have multiple Google accounts. How can I use Keshif from multiple accounts?

Your Keshif account can be linked to a single Google account (email). Using multiple Google accounts (emails) will each require its own Keshif account.

If you wish to de-connect your Google account from a Keshif account, and use it for another Keshif account:

  • Disconnect Keshif app from your Google account, by visiting , and clicking "remove access" for Keshif app.
  • Let us know your request to delete your Google-based Keshif account. Note that you will lose access to dashboards and your profile page will be deleted.
  • Log-in to using your preferred account, visit your Keshif account page at , and connect "Google Sheets" or "Google Drive" options under data source integrations list.

Self-service Account Setup

Our Keshif online platform currently supports sign-in with Gmail/ Google Suite account, or an email + password combination. You can authenticate with and import data from your Google Drive, Google Sheets, Data.World, Dropbox, and Microsoft One-Drive accounts.