Maps: Standards and Troubleshooting

Map Naming Standarts in Keshif

Supported Region Names. Keshif converts categorical data to regional maps using its  geo-naming standards.
Describing name variations. Some regions may have more than one valid spelling. Let us know if we should extend the naming standards with variations for existing regions.
Extending supported maps. If you need maps for different regions, please contact us.


When you create a map, some of the categories or records may not be recognized to match their shapes/shapefiles. These can be because of typos in the dataset, or because Keshif didn't recognize some of the name variations.

To see which categories or records could not be mapped, click the  /!\ button in map navigation area.

The list of standard region names are noted here. If the missing place names are mis-spelled, please update your source data, and re-load the Keshif dashboard.

If you continue having an issue with mapping or want to register name variations, please contact us via email.

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