Saving, Sharing, and Managing Dashboards

Keshif allows you to easily create and share rich dashboards! 

Each dashboard is a snapshot of your current exploration, including active filters and other selections.

Saving Dashboards

To save a dashboard, just open the dashboard panel, enter a short descriptive title, add your notes, and click save. Each dashboard gets its unique link you can copy and share.

Sharing (Visible) Dashboards

By default, the saved dashboards are visible to people who have access to the dataset. 

If dataset is public, then the dashboard will be visible by the public. If dataset is private, the dashboard will be visible by people who have read-access to the dataset.

You can also choose to keep a dashboard private for your own eyes as you save it.

Visible is great for sharing, and private is great for your personal exploration.

Starred (Default) Shared Dashboards

When other people visit your dataset, they will see your starred dashboard by default. 

You can control this first view to your dataset by starring one of the visible dashboards.

Collaborating on a Dataset with Dashboards

Dashboard panel is also a central location that shows all bookmarks, even including bookmarks by others! 

For each dashboard, you can see who created it, their notes, and whether the dataset was filtered, compared, and which attributes they were exploring. 

This allows you to collaborate on same dataset with different perspectives.

When you visit a dataset on another account, you can explore a different perspective, and contribute your own dashboards, which can be public or private.

You can resume your work using your saved dashboards.


You can easily resume your data exploration later from where you left off last time, as Keshif auto-saves your work frequently. 

The auto-saved dashboard is only visible to you, and opens up when you visit your dataset at[Account]/[DatasetName]

Copying the link to this dataset by clicking the anchor button also triggers the auto-save.

Deleting dashboards

To delete a saved dashboard, simply click the trash button, and it will be gone. Don't worry, you can create it again easily later if you wish!

Now you know how to save, share, and manage dashboards with Keshif easily. Keep exploring your data!

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