Managing Datasets and Profile

Your profile is a place for you to share your data exploration dashboards and analysis (publicly or privately), and access the datasets you imported. When you create an account in Keshif, you get a unique Keshif profile based on your account name, such as .

Public and Shared Profile Information

When others open your profile, your profile shows your datasets & dashboards that are visible to public. To give you more privacy, Keshif does not show datasets that do not have a shared/visible bookmark.

If you have shared your private data files with other Keshif accounts (by using your Google settings), these accounts are also able to see the datasets shared privately with them.

Removing a dataset


You can remove a dataset you imported to Keshif in your profile page, or in a dashboard from this dataset. When a dataset is removed, all dashboards created from this dataset will be deleted. Your actual data source will not be deleted, so you can re-import the same data later again.

Recent Community Feed

When you import a public dataset, create and star a shared bookmark/dashboard, the dashboard and your custom dashboard will be visible within the community feed.

Can I change the URL / name for my profile?

Please send a support email to us with your current account name, and the desired account name, and we'll be happy to help you,