Adjusting bin ranges in interval charts

To change the bin width guide of an interval chart,

  1. Open the chart configuration panel (⚙icon), and
  2. Select the desired Bin Width option.
    1. Select an existing multiplier (1x to 4x), or
    2. Fine-tune using the + / - icons.

Histogram Charts (numeric attributes)

Line Charts (timestamp attributes)

Special Features

  • The bin width setting is used as a guide. 
    • Thus, changing the bin width may not have an effect in binning in some cases.
  • The resulting binning also depends on:
    • Data range (limits),
      • If the chart is used for filtering, and zoomed-in, the filter range is used as data range.
    • Chart width, and 
    • Bin scale type (for numeric data). 
  • The bins are further automatically optimized for readability depending on the data type and distribution:
    • For histograms (numeric attributes), bins are selected as multiples of 2, 5, or 10.
    • For line charts (time-stamp attributes), binds are selected by year, month, weeks, days, and so on.