Adjusting interval chart visualizations

Interval visualizations bin (aggregate) records in intervals and visualize the data in each bin using the bar height, or line position. You can adjust bin heights, ranges, zoom and measurement scales of interval charts to customize your visualizations.

Chart size options

Special feature

  • When the chart is wide, Keshif automatically shows tick labels on both left and right side of an interval charts to make it easier to trace reference lines and read trends.

Axis options

Binning options

Keshif automatically creates appropriate bins for histograms and line-charts, based on 

  • chart width,
  • data distribution,
  • data extent and zooming, and
  • binning configurations

For numeric data, Keshif auto-selects a logarithmic scale for skewed data. For timestamp data, Keshif automatically computes common and appropriate time ranges such as years, months, weeks, days and more.

Navigation options

Zooming in / out of interval charts

  • After filtering the data, zooming in allows you to get a closer look into the numeric or timestamp data.