Zooming in / out of interval charts

To zoom into an interval chart,

  1. Filter to the desired number-range or time-range, and
  2. Click the + icon (magnifying glass) in the bottom-left corner.

To zoom out (see full range) in an interval chart,

  1. Click the - icon (magnifying glass) in the bottom-left corner.
    1. Zooming-out resets the view to the limits of the whole dataset.

Special Features

  • Keshif dynamically re-creates appropriate bins for aggregate analysis after zooming interactions. You'll see finer details of the data after zooming in, and coarser distributions after zooming out.
  • If the data cannot be shown at a closer level, Keshif auto-disables the zoom-in feature. 
    • For example, this applies when data is whole numbers and each bin in the chart is a whole number (thus data cannot be analyzed with smaller ranges), or when data is a timestamp attribute with only year component and each bin is a single year.
  • You cannot zoom without filtering the data first. And, you can only zoom into filtered data.
    • This ensures that even if zoomed, you always see the filtered data.