Or-Filtering multiple categories by union

After Only or And filtering a categorical attribute, the Or filter cuts the data by two or more values of the attribute you selected. 

For example, in the Airbnb dataset, you might want to look at records where the Property Type is only House. You could then use an Or filter to look at records where the Property Type is either House or Apartment.

This filter increases the data in your analysis by including new records if you've already started filtering by different categorical attributes. The Or filter includes new records for the selected category in the filtered dataset. This is the same as a union operation.

First, ensure you have already applied an And or Or filter on the desired categorical attribute. 

To filter a specific category with multiple  Or selections,

  1. Mouse over to the category you'd like to filter,
  2. Click the filter icon, and
  3. Select Or.


  • You can add multiple Ofilters in the same categorical chart.


  • Or option is available when there's at least one other active And Or, or Onlyfilter.