Filtering Data using Categories

You can filter a dataset by selecting one or more categories in categorical data charts.

Per Category: Only / Not / Or / And filters

You can filter a specific category by selecting one of the only-, not-, or-, and- options. You can also select multiple categories in a single categorical data (chart).

Only-Filtering to a single category

  • Learn how to filter to data in a single category.

Not-Filtering categories by exclusion

  • Learn how to filter out data in certain categories with not-selections.

Or-Filtering multiple categories by union

  • Learn how to filter multiple categories with Or-selections to create unions.

And-Filtering multiple categories by intersections

  • If your data has multiple-categories, you can filter two or more categories with And-selections for analyzing intersections.

Special Features

  • Keshif only show relevant options (only / not / or / and) on filtering context menu. For example, you can only select "Or-" option if there's an existing filter, or you can only select "And-" option if there can be multiple categories per record.

Other filters

Filtering categories with text search

  • Learn how to filter to multiple categories that match your text search.

Filtering missing data

  • Learn how to filter out, or filter to, missing data in a categorical attribute.

Removing filters

Removing category filters

  • Learn how to remove category filters in a dashboard.

Removing chart filters

  • Learn how to remove all category filters in a categorical chart.