And-Filtering multiple categories by intersections

The And filter reduces the number of records in your dashboard by removing those that do not have your selected values of a category in the filtered dataset. This is the same as an intersection operation.

First, ensure you have already applied an  And or Or filter on the desired categorical attribute. 

To filter a specific category with multiple And selections,

  1. Mouse over to the category you'd like to filter,
  2. Click the filter icon, and
  3. Select And.


  1. Click on the category you'd like to filter.

Alternatively, to specify two filtered categories at once using the set matrix chart,

  • Click on the corresponding category pair (circle in matrix).

Special Features

  • You can add multiple And filters in the same categorical chart.
  • When you have a mix of And and Or and Not filters in a single chart, the resulting dataset includes records that have:
    • All categories selected with And 's ,
    • At lease one of the categories selected with Or 's ,
    • None of the categories selected with Not 's.
    • Example: If you have selected And-Washer , And-Dryer, Or-Iron, Or-TV, Not-Shampoo , the resulting airbnb listings would : have washer, have dryer, have iron or TV, and not have shampoo. While this may sounds like an odd combination, different people may have different tastes :)


  • The And option is available only for multi-categorical data when there's an active And or Or filter in your dashboard.