Analyzing multi-categorical data

Multi-categorical data attributes include multiple categories combined into one field/attribute, such as  tags of articles, or genres of movies. In survey datasets, these appear as multiple-choice questions, where a respondent can select zero, one, or more among multiple options for a question.

Unlike any other tool, Keshif's categorical bar and map charts automatically adjust to show only the core set of categories, and allow visualization and exploration features that seamlessly adjust to the analytical needs of multi-categorical data.

And-Filtering multiple categories by intersections

  • With multi-categorical attributes, Keshif activates And filtering option for selecting multiple options and analyzing their intersections.

Using set matrix: Rich analysis of relations across categories

  • Keshif's unique set matrix design allows rich analysis of relations across all the categories in a multi-categorical data, revealing trends and frequencies beyond what the bar charts provide.


  • You cannot use stacked grouping when comparing/highlighting multi-categorical data.
  • Comparison on or with multi-categorical data also affects or influenced by breakdown modes.