◆ Using categorical charts: Bar Charts & Maps

Categorical data is visualized by grouping records into each category of the attribute.  Categorical bar charts effectively visualize the distribution of data using bars. If categories describe geographic regions, categorical choropleth maps visualize distribution of data using color for each region.

Creating a categorical bar chart

Filtering data using Categories

  • Learn how to filter for a single category or multiple categories.

Visualizing categorical data: Bars & Maps

  • When categories describe geographic regions, you can switch to a map chart with a single click.

Adjusting categorical bar chart visualizations

  • Explore ways to adjust bar width, height, and scale of categorical bar charts.

Adjusting category sorting

  • Learn about Keshif's various data-driven and custom sorting options.

Analyzing multi-categorical data

  • A data attribute may include multiple categories combined into one field, such as tags of articles. Learn more about Keshif's unique features in dealing with multi-categorical data.