Using Group-View: Stacked and Side-by-Side Charts

Keshif features a unique approach for creating stacked or side-by-side visualizations across categorical bar charts, histograms, and line-charts.

Stacked Charts

  • Stacked charts shows measurements from each compared group stacked on each other. 
  • The groups do not overlap.
  • Stacked charts are ideal to observe overall trends, and combined group totals, but less ideal to make comparisons across groups.

Side-by-side Charts

  • Side-by-by charts shows measurements from each compared group on the same baseline.
  • This can improve making one-to-one comparison between data groups.

Selecting stacked or side-by-side group-view mode

To change the group-view mode among  Stacked Charts and Side-by-Side Charts for aggregate data analysis:

  • Click on the group-view icon in data status panel to switch to the alternative mode.


  1. Open the dashboard configuration panel, and
  2. Select the desired Group-View option: Stacked, or Side-by-Side.


  • Stacked charts are not available if 
    • Using %-of-Compared breakdown.
    • Using %-of-Group or %-of-Total breakdown with multi-categorical data comparison.
    • Using average measure function.
    • Using sum measure functions with a numeric attribute with negative values.
  • Side-by-side charts are not available if
    • Using %-of-group breakdown with single-categorical data comparison.