Filtering missing data

If a data attribute has missing (none or invalid) data, you can use a special filter to remove missing data ("filter-out"), or to keep only the missing data ("filter-in").

The missing data is shown by an empty-set icon ( ∅ ) in the bottom left corner of an aggregated chart, along with the measurement value, such as count, of the records with missing data.

To filter based on missing data in a data attribute:

  • Click the empty-set icon, and
    • Select Missing data to only keep the data missing for that attribute ("filter-in").
    • Select Valid data to remove the missing data for that attribute ("filter-out").

To clear a missing data filter, 


  1. Click on the empty-set icon, and
  2. Select Clear.


  • If you are analyzing data in %-of-total breakdown mode, filtering out missing values enables generating percentage values based only on the dataset part with existing data.