◆ Filtering data for drill-down analysis

Removing unwanted data, and bringing your focus to most relevant parts, is crucial for good data analysis. Keshif make it easier and simpler to filter through data, with exceptional readability, user experience, and interaction.

Similar features in other tools are sometimes called “drill-down”. Our approach to filtering adds depth through multiple filtering options and automation that recognizes different data and analysis characteristics.

Filtering settings

Using chained vs. single filtering modes

  • Control how many filters can be applied simultaneously in a dashboard.

Hiding filtering info crumbs

  • Learn how to hide (or show) filtering information crumbs to choose between more space, or more clarity.

Filtering using categories

Only-Filtering to a single category

  • Learn how to filter to data in a single category.

Not-Filtering categories by exclusion

  • Learn how to filter out data in certain categories with not-selections.

Or-Filtering multiple categories by union

  • Learn how to filter multiple categories with Or-selections to create unions.

And-Filtering multiple categories by intersection

  • Learn how to filter two or more categories with And-selections for analyzing intersections.

Filtering categories by text search

  • Learn how to filter categories using text search.

Filtering using ranges

Filtering data using a numeric range

Filtering data using a time range

  • Learn how to select a specific range to filter numeric or timestamp data.

Other filtering approaches

Filtering missing data

  • Learn how to filter out, or learn more about, missing data

Filtering records by text search

  • You can filter records by text search in record names.

Filtering out a single record

  • You can filter out individual records from the dataset.

Removing filters

Removing category filters

  • Learn how to remove specific category filters.

Removing filters in aggregated charts

  • Learn how to remove the filters in an aggregated chart.

Removing all filters in a dashboard

  • Learn how to remove all filters in a dashboard in a single click.