◆ Record group selections overview

Keshif offers a unique and powerful approach to navigate and analyze your data, and understand its trends with three record group selection modes: highlighting, comparing, and filtering.

Highlighting a record group for instant exploration

  • The instant way to understand trends and distributions of a subset of data.

Comparing record groups for visual analysis

  • The rich way to compare trends across different subsets of data.

Filtering data for drill-down analysis

  • The intuitive way to focus on specific parts of data that meet one or multiple analysis needs.

Special Features

  • The top data status panel includes all of the selection information to clarify the visual data analysis in the dashboard.
  • All selections apply across the dashboard automatically, with no additional setup or settings to apply!
  • The visualizations depend on data types, analysis settings (such as breakdown mode) and visualization settings (such as visibility of whole aggregates, or the group-view is toggled as stacked or side-by-side).