◆ Highlighting a record group for instant exploration

Keshif's highlight selection interaction offers an instant way to see underlying data trends in a data group. This interaction is carefully designed to work seamlessly across all charts in a dashboard using effective automated visualizations. 

Understanding charts with highlighted data

Compared data groups are assigned unique colors which are used to visualize trends of these groups in aggregated charts (such as categorical bar charts and histograms), as well as record charts, such as record maps or scatter plots. Keshif uses a unique fully-consistent approach to compute data on record groups and visualize it using the same set of colors.

The visualizations depend on data types, data analysis settings (such as breakdown mode) and visualization settings (such as visibility of whole aggregates, or the group-view as stacked or side-by-side).

Using Highlight Selection

To highlight a group of records,

  • Simply hover on an aggregate,  such as a categorical bar, numeric range, time range, or missing-values.

To remove highlighting from a group of records,

  • Simply move the mouse away from the highlighted aggregate.

Disabling mouse-over highlight selection interaction

  • You can disable mouse-over interaction for a less dynamic data presentation and navigation.


  • If compare-selection is active, Keshif disables highlight selections in non-compared data attributes to ensure all selections are meaningful and comparable.