Adding record group comparisons

To select (lock) a specific record group for comparison,

  • Click the compare-icon next to the category name.

To auto-select the top categories in a chart for comparison,

  • Click the compare-icon on the right-side of the chart title.

Special Features

  • Breakdown modes define the analysis approach for compared data groups.
  • The auto-select feature uses the active sorting, measurement, and filtering settings in a categorical chart to pick the top categories on top of the chart.
  • You can also shift-click on a record group as an alternative shortcut to select for comparison.


  • You can compare up to five selections.
    Keshif uses distinguishable colors to show trends across different groups.
    Comparisons across too many colors is harder to perceive and analyze. This limit helps to ensure effective perception and analysis of data.
  • You can only compare data groups within a single attribute
    For example, you can compare people in different age groups, or different cities. You cannot compare an age group vs. a city group.
  • Keshif disables highlight selections in non-compared data attributes to ensure all selections are meaningful and comparable.
  • You cannot make selections when using Adjust or Print dashboard mode.