Changing colors in a record map

There are two ways to adjust colors in a record map: changing the color theme, or changing the attribute the map uses.

To color your record map by compared record groups, see comparing record groups by color in a record map.

Color source attribute

To change the color data attribute source in a record map,

  1. First, ensure that you do not have any active comparisons. 
  2. Then, use the drop-down menu to select the attribute that will color the map.
    1. To remove colors from the record map, select the None option.

Color theme

To change the color theme,

  1. First, ensure that the record map is colored by one of the attributes in your dataset. 
  2. Then click the paint brush icon on the color legend area, and 
    1. Invert the active color theme, or
    1. Select a linear or log scale, or
    2. Select a sequential theme, with colors in one continuous order, or
    3. Select a diverging theme, with colors that change as values both increase and decrease
    4. Switch between sequential and diverging themes



  • Only numeric or time-series attributes can be used as the color data source.
  • Geographic regions with missing or non-numeric data are drawn grayed out with stripes to display that the data is not available.