Creating a slope chart

Slope chart are primarily time-series charts with only the data from start-time and end-time and being shown within the chart. Keshif lets you create slope charts in a second with intuitive options for controlling time-keys.

To create a slope-chart from time-series data, create/switch to record time-series chart, and

  1. Open the chart configuration panel, and
  2. Select First & Last (Slope) as Time Keys option.

Similarly, to view all time-keys in the given range, select All for Time Keys option.


  • If you want to create a slope chart from two consecutive time keys (such as 2010 and 2011 if data is annual), you can also focus on desired time range. Since there are no other keys in between, a slope chart will be created without changing the Time Keys option.

Special Features

  • If you are using an indexed time chart, with a selected time key for comparison, this selected time key will also be shown in the slope chart.