Controlling aggregation options for a numeric attribute

A numeric or time-series attribute is sometimes not suitable for analysis by average, or analysis by sums.

For example,

  • Measuring Total Age is not analytically meaningful or useful.
  • Measuring Average GDP per Capita of countries is not appropriate to understand trends in different global regions, as averages need to be computed over total population, and total economic capacities for each region.

Keshif shows only supported numeric attributes as options when using Sum or Average functions. By default, it's assumed all numeric attributes can be used for either function.

To change the supported aggregation options for a numeric attribute, 

  1. Open the Options panel of the attribute,
  2. Select Aggregation, and
  3. Select the function type, and Enabled or Disabled as desired.



  • A numeric attribute that's based on a time-series (such as, data on a specific year) follows the setting of its time-series attribute. To adjust the setting, please use the time-series attribute of such variables.