Adding record chart

To add a record chart into dashboard,

  1. Open the dashboard configuration panel (⚙icon), and
  2. Select one of the chart types under Record Chart Type option (unselect Off).


  1. Switch to Author mode, and
  2. Click, drag and drop a data attribute into "Add Record Panel" area.
    1. You cannot drop into this panel if a record chart already exists.

Special Features

  • The type of record chart created depends on the dropped data attribute type.
    • A categorical, numeric and interval attribute create a record list chart.
      • A categorical attribute sets the record text.
      • Numeric and interval attributes set the sorting order.
    • A geographic attribute creates a record map chart.
    • A time-series attribute creates a record time-series chart.


  • When a record chart is visible, use the record chart controls and configurations to adjust the data visualization.
  • To remove the existing record chart, click the [ x ] icon on the top left corner. Learn more.