Selecting record chart type: List, Map, Scatter Plot, Time-Series Charts

The record panel supports four chart options:

  • Record list-charts: Record are listed in a sorting order.
  • Record maps: Records are drawn on a geographical map.
  • Record scatter plot: Records are plotted as points on two-axis based on numeric features.
  • Record time-series: Records are plotted as line paths that shows values over time.

Selecting the record chart type

To select the record chart type,

  • Click the chart option on the upper-right corner of the record chart display: List, Map, Scatter, and Time.


  • Record map option is available when each record has a unique location, such as point-location or region.
  • Scatter plot option is available when the dataset has two or more numeric data attributes.
  • Time-series plot option is available when the dataset has at least one time-series attribute.