Adjusting bar width and text width of categorical bar charts

To adjust the width of text labels or the bars of a categorical bar chart,

  1. Switch to Adjust dashboard mode,
  2. Move the mouse over chart area, and
  3. Click and drag handle for the the bar label width, or the panel (chart) width.

Special Features

  • If you shrink the bar width significantly, Keshif left-aligns the labels to make them easier to read without a bar chart visualization component.
  • If you increase category height (4x or more), longer labels can be wrapped to multiple lines when using taller bars.
  • All categorical charts in a panel automatically share the same label and bar chart width settings. This feature ensures a refined visual layout for the dashboards.
  • To adjust bar width of record bar charts, please see this help topic. These charts visualize numeric attributes per record, not aggregated data per category.