Creating a categorical bar chart

To create a categorical bar chart and add it into dashboard,

  1. Switch to Author dashboard mode,
  2. Find a categorical attribute to add into the dashboard.
    Categorical attributes are those labeled with the script letter A
  3. Then,
    1. Double-click on the attribute to auto-insert it in one of the panels, or
    2. Drag-and-drop the attribute to one of the panels.


  • It's easy to identify categorical attributes using the attribute panel. This panel allow you to search by attribute name, or to select the attribute type (e.g. categorical) you want to visualize.
  • Inserting with a double-click first tries to place the categorical chart on the left panel. If the left side of the dashboard is full, the chart is added to the middle panel.
  • If categories have geographical regions, you can use categorical choropleth maps. Learn how.