Setting unit name of numeric data

Numeric attributes commonly have a "unit of measurement", such as $ or € for monetary values, kg or lbs for weight, or even "yr" to denote years (such as for project durations). Adding these unit names can greatly improve the readability of charts that use these data attributes.

To set the unit name of a numeric attributes (including time-series attributes),

  1. Open the attribute panel,
  2. Open the attribute settings by clicking [ ⋮ ],
  3. Select Set unit-name, and
  4. Type the unit name.
    1. The unit name should be at most 3 characters.

Special Features

  • The unit name will be automatically included wherever the specific attribute is used, such as 
    • Sorting on lists
    • Histogram charts
    • Measurements (such as "sum of sales in $"), and
    • Record detail panel (showing the value of an individual record).
  • If you set unit name of time-series attribute, the same unit name is used for each numeric data attribute based on this time-series data, such as when used for sorting, coloring, aggregate measurements, or creating histograms.
    • To maintain consistency, you cannot set different unit-names for a time-series attribute and its time-keys. Updating either will update both.