Creating connected scatter plots: Using record trails

Keshif automatically creates connected scatter-plots when hovering over a record point, revealing the trajectory along both axes when both point (record) locations are based on time-series attributes.

Connected scatter plots create the visual trail of a specific record over time on a scatter plot, using lines that connect the positions at different times. 

To learn more about these visualizations, check out Alberto Cairo's examples, and a research study with demos that shows how these charts are comparable to visualizing two time series lines as a single trail line.

To enable connected scatter plots,

  • Use time-series data attributes for both horizontal and vertical axis (learn more), and
  • Hover over a record (point) in the scatter plot.

To enable or disable the scatter trail visualizations, 

  • Open the record chart configuration panel (⚙icon), and
  • Select Show or Hide for the Scatter Trails option.