Changing the axes in a scatter plot

To choose the data attribute used for either the vertical or horizontal axis of your scatter plot,

  • Use the drop-down menu to select the desired axis attribute.

To swap the vertical and horizontal axis of the scatter plot,

  • Click the swap icon (opposing arrows) on the lower-left corner of the chart.


  • When you use a time-series attribute in an axis, you can specify the time key (such as a year) for visualization, and also can analyze changes over time.
  • If a record does not have valid data for either of the X or Y attributes, it will not be shown in the record scatter plot. Thus, number of points visible can be smaller than the number of the records in a dataset.


  • Only numeric or time-series attributes can be used as a scatter plot axis.
  • You cannot use the same attribute for both axes. The resulting visualization fails to show any interaction between two different variables.