Adjusting measure axis extent: Fit / Sync / Full

Keshif offers three automated modes that dynamically set the extent of measurement (visualization) axes in aggregate charts. These modes (Fit, Sync, Full) are described and exemplified below after instructions.

To change the extent of the measure axis in an aggregated chart,

  1. Open the chart configuration panel (⚙icon), and
  2. Select the desired Axis Extent option: Fit, Sync, or Full.

Fit Axis

With the Fit Axis, the measurement axis extent fits the data within the chart.

Sync Axis

With the Sync Axis, the measurement axis extent is synchronized with the largest extent across charts within the same chart panel.

  • This extent mode is useful to compare values in one chart to another when the attributes are related to each other and placed in the same panel.

Full Axis

With the Full axis, the measurement axis extent is based on a full range, depending on the breakdown mode.

  • If using a percentage-based breakdown mode, the maximum is 100%.
  • If using absolute breakdown, the maximum is the largest measurement value.
    • If using sum measure function, the extent is based on the sum-measurement of the whole dataset.
    • If the data is filtered, the extent is based on the filtered portion of the data.


Examples using %-based breakdowns

Fit Axis, %-of-Compared

Sync Axis, %-of-All

Full Axis, %-of-Compared