Using Absolute breakdown mode for analysis

The absolute breakdown mode shows each aggregate measurement directly, without relevance (without percentage) to other measurements.

The absolute values are shown in the visualizations and measurement labels. The specific visualization results also depend on data selections and  visualization settings, such as group-views, axis scales and extents, and so on. 

In the sample chart capture above,

  • Different colors show different property types. The top data status panel, as well as the tooltip for pointed room type (private room) clarifies the colors.
  • The breakdown section in tooltip, and chart visualizations show how many listings there are per property type, within each room type. For example,
    • Within Private room type, 914 listings are house type.
    • Within shared room type, 133 listings are apartment type.


  • The absolute breakdown is the basic / default mode of data analysis in Keshif and is supported by all measurement functions.