Using %-of-Groups breakdown mode for analysis

The  %-of-Groups breakdown mode shows each measurement as a proportion of the total measurement of each data group.

The percentage values are displayed in both the visualizations and measurement labels. Specific visualization results also depend on data selections and visualization settings, such as group-views, axis scales and extents. Previously, this mode was called "relative breakdown".

In the sample chart capture above,

  • Different colors show different property types as selected using the comparison tool. Both the top data status panel, as well as the pop-up for room type describe the meaning of the colors.
  • Since the breakdown mode is %-of-groups, both the chart visualization and pop-up display the percent of listings for each room type that belong to a certain room type. For example, of the listings with a private room, 25.4% of them are townhouses.

Special Features

  • When using %-of-groups mode without comparison selections, Keshif shows percentages out-of-total for the entire dataset.
  • This mode can only be used with the Count measurement function, or a Sum function with only positive values, so that the percentages can be calculated correctly.