◆ Introduction to visual analytics with Keshif

Our knowledge base includes over 120 topics, covering core features, important settings, and keys to more detailed analysis.

To get you started with navigating this material, we offer a curated list of main topics that will help you gain a deep understanding of visual analytics using Keshif's technology and design.


Overview of dashboard layout

Data Selections

Record Group Selections Overview

Filtering data for visual analysis

Analytical Settings

Using breakdown modes on group comparisons

Measuring aggregated data for analysis

Core Charts

Using categorical charts: Bars & Choropleth Maps

Using interval charts: Histograms, Line-charts

Group-View: Stacked and Side-by-Side Charts

Using record lists

Using record maps: Choropleth, point and cluster maps

Using record scatter plots

Using record time-series charts

More on Charting

Creating a bump chart

Creating a time-indexed chart

Creating a slope chart

Using sparkline charts

Using percentile charts for numeric data